The Smaller the Brokerage, the Bigger the Benefits

You may have seen it in the news—a large less-than-truckload carrier went out of business recently, leaving a lot of shippers blindsided and desperately in need of an alternative. Maybe you’re one of them?

Especially if you are in that predicament—but even if you’re not—now is a good time to consider the benefits of working with a family-owned/operated brokerage firm like Westgate for assistance with your LTL shipping needs. What exactly are these benefits? Funny you should ask. They include:

  • Efficiency. Giant companies are inevitably less nimble than smaller ones. A larger staff means more corporate bureaucracy and a longer chain of command, which could lead to sluggish pace as decisions and actions must filter down through personnel. At Westgate, we are not only free of those issues, but we can implement innovative ideas and technological change more seemlessly through our lean group of experienced logistics professionals.


  • Flexibility. We can adapt much more fluidly than a larger brokerage, thereby providing you with personalized solutions that meet your changing needs ASAP. We’re agile and can spin on a dime!


  • Family values. It may sound corny, but it’s true—because we’re a small company, it’s easier for us to put our values into action. That means we embrace a warm, thoughtful workplace culture, treating our employees with care and respect. And that personal concern extends to our customers, making sure their cargo is properly handled while providing them great communication along the way. Our customers know they can call us at any time and we’re ready to provide solutions to solve their challenges.


  • Business know-how. We’re proud of our long reputation for reliability and our customers have learned to expect only the best from us.  Because of our small stature, each of our team members plays a critical role in our success.  As a result, we have developed a trained and knowledgeable staff that is capable of tailoring services to meet the timing and expectations of all different types of businesses.


  • Personal service. When you have an urgent issue you need addressed ASAP, you’ll never have to deal with an endless series of automated voice responses and prompts as you wait to speak to someone. At Westgate, you’ll always get a live person who is available to provide immediate assistance. We are positioned to develop personal relationships with clients, and prepared to help you find the right solutions to fit your needs.


  • Claims assistance/disputes. Tired of dealing with the challenges associated with pricing disputes, or filing and staying on top of damage or loss claims?  Let Westgate remove these headaches. Outside of furnishing some required documentation, our team will manage the entire claim process until settlement occurs. We also fight pricing disputes for unjustified charges on behalf of our clients.


So whether you’ve recently lost your LTL provider or your current one is not giving you the service you need, or you simply want to enjoy the kind of assistance that only a smaller, more dedicated brokerage can provide, please consider contacting us and giving us the opportunity to earn your trust.


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