July 2022

Packaging is a critical step in shipping freight, unfortunately often overlooked.

Cutting corners by eliminating protective packaging on your freight is a short-sighted decision that can cost you in the long run.

Shipments that move via LTL carriers need to be packaged with even more care. Even the carriers that have the lowest claim ratios experience damage claims. That’s why it is so important to pack your shipments properly to avoid as much product damage as possible.


Here are some things to consider when reviewing your packaging:
  • Inner Packing: Interior cardboard dividers, custom form fit molds, simple peanuts, or bubble wrap will help keep your product secure and tightly packed.


  • Outer Packaging: More and more shipments are being sent ready to put on the shelves, and while it is tempting to just shrink wrap, it is not enough to protect your product during shipping. Outer packaging such as cardboard or corner boards will offer additional pallet strength and protection.


  • Stretch Wrap: Don’t skimp on the shrink wrap. When wrapping your pallet, start at the floor and use several layers all the way to the top. Add security film or tape for higher-value materials.


  • Pallet Overhang: Be sure to utilize good solid pallets. They may cost more but will be worth it. It’s crucial to avoid pallet overhang and confine your product to the footprint of the pallet. Plus, most LTL carriers will refuse freight that overhangs the pallets.

In efforts to reduce costs in shipping, decisions to cut back on packaging are at the forefront. And while this may save a little bit of money in the short run, this can be much more costly in the long run. Claims, breakage, collateral damage, and strained customer relationships take time and money to correct.


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