Westgate offers

a full range of logistics services including truckload, LTL, specialized services, freight management, and more. Our passion for delivering exceptional logistics services continues to be at our core and is why we have thrived in this constantly-changing industry.

Westgate’s small, intimate structure helps us remain flexible and able to provide personalized solutions to our clients’ issues. Our core values – honesty, integrity and trust – have allowed us to develop close relationships not just with our customers, but with a strong network of carriers as well, who we can depend on to meet our customers’ expectations for service. See for yourself why businesses are depending on Westgate to improve their shipping processes and to keep them informed of industry trends.

Our Mission

“The management and employees of Westgate Global Logistics are committed to respond to the needs of our customers, quickly and effectively with the most creative and resourceful logistics solutions.”


Westgate’s 39-year history is built upon a tradition of extraordinary customer service started by my father, Tom Fiorini. I am honored to continue our company’s focus on familial service while incorporating a modern approach allowing us to adapt to today’s technology-driven processes. Honesty, integrity and trust will continue to represent our core values, but what sets us apart is our strong commitment to our customers. We strive daily to provide high levels of communication, to be steadfastly reliable, and to remain flexible enough to meet each client’s specific needs. Our intention is not to be the biggest, but rather the best! We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our value and become an indispensable asset to the businesses we serve.

Our Affiliates


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