Through Westgate’s strategic partnership with Donnelley Logistics Services, our customer’s benefit from best in class discounts with the all the notable LTL providers. As an additional advantage, our customer service team will pay close attention to your LTL shipments to ensure on-time carrier performance. We assist with proper freight classification of your items, claims management, and carrier disputes all on behalf of our clients. Some additional benefits provided through the DLS Worldwide, web-based tool:


  • Competitive, density based pricing
  • Select from multiple LTL providers to identify which carrier best fits your needs
  • Get reliable rate quotes instantly
  • Schedule pickups effortlessly
  • Gain instant access to your shipment history
Check out our Freight Pallet Packaging Guide!

Check out our Freight Pallet Packaging Guide!

Learn how you can avoid injuries, damage, and claims with a few industry proven tips.