We attended the TIA Policy Forum in Washington, D.C., where we were honored to represent the 3PL industry and build relationships with key members in Capital Hill.


Members of TIA held 170 meetings to address with state representatives some important topics affecting our industry, such as rate intrusion and fraud in the supply chain.  The event boasted a remarkable turnout of 130 members, making it the largest forum to date- proof of our ever-growing commitment to advancing the industry.

With our record-breaking attendance and productive meetings, we are proud to have played a role in the success of not only the 2023 TIA Policy Forum but also in elevating the logistics industry as a whole.


In the photos with Mark (left to right) are Representative Dan Meuser (R-PA), Sarah O’Driscoll / CTB (National Xpress Logistics), and Rob Kemp (DRT Transportation LLC).

Technology is only as good as the team behind it!


The newest, sleekest logistics technology is rendered useless if the company utilizing it doesn’t have an experienced team managing it. The topic of offering shippers tracking and visibility comes up a lot in conversations as well as in industry publications.

Providing insight into load status through modern technology is definitely important. However, the team behind the technology is what makes it a successful tool. They are able to stay on top of your important delivery and address any delays and issues along the way. The technology isn’t going to do that on its own.

Westgate’s Chairman Tom Fiorini commented “Everyone says shippers want more visibility. What they really want is the freight off their dock on time and no issues during transit.” While Westgate utilizes a sophisticated technology to give their shippers the data and updates they need, they also have the focused support team to monitor it along the way.


“We want to take that worry away from our customers,” says President Mark Fiorini. “Westgate gives location updates sent via email, a log in to view detailed freight coordinates, the ability to watch your freight’s real-time movement, and estimated arrival time. But the real value comes from the trustworthy team monitoring all of this.”


As shippers find themselves regularly dealing with time-sensitive and short-notice shipments, working with a vendor who has tracking, estimated time of delivery becomes vital. The technology is useless though if the shipper doesn’t have time to use it. Since the shipper is short on time, the broker’s ability to monitor and manage the technology is key to a successful process.

Ultimately, technology can save time and improve processes. But the human touch is what makes it a tangible resource.


Reach out to us to experience our boutique approach to streamlining logistics through an extensive network of resources, trained brokerage experts and unique personal service.


We understand your hesitation – why choose a small business when you can choose one with a bigger fleet and clientele? Honestly, choosing to work with a small company, like ours, has more advantages than meets the eye. Bigger companies are often held back by their size, and decision making can be difficult especially when you have a chain of command to follow. Besides the fact that we are more flexible, we also have the ability to adopt new and innovative ideas quickly and are usually more fast paced because we have fewer people to inform and train on new policies and technologies.

A business that values family

It may sound like a cliché, but we value our employees, and customers and ensure that they feel like they are part of the Westgate Family. If you’re wondering why this is so important, we will break it down for you; being part of the family means that employees feel safe and confident in their workspace, and a happy employee means great customer service, which ensures that our customers are happily taken care of too. Customers who feel like they are part of our family, are more comfortable with trusting their precious cargo with us and are more likely to return and choose to use our service again. After all, we want you to feel like you can pick up the phone and call us at any time – no robots, just a real person who understands your concerns and knows how to provide solutions that work for your business.

We are flexible to suit your needs

We have a distinct advantage over our larger competitors – we can make quick changes and are flexible in our service so that we can identify and then accommodate your needs with personalized solutions. A larger company has a lot of people and too many processes, so by choosing us, we can act quick and ensure that only the best service is delivered.

We save time and resources

With fewer employees, we have a better handle on our business and can ensure that it operates more efficiently. We save time when tough decisions need to be made because we do not need to worry about going through several layers of management before getting a final answer. Our small structure puts you, the customer, closer to our business which means a better understanding of what we need to do, to help you!

We offer personal service

Our business’ mission is to be closer to our customer so that we can have a full understanding of what you need from us, and exactly how we can exceed your expectations. We have the ability to develop relationships with our customers because we offer personal customer service. We don’t believe in making you speak to different robots who will never understand the intricacy of your problem, we strive for a business that understands you and your needs, and then delivers the solution to guarantee the best results.

Want to join the Westgate Family? We would love to chat and discuss how we can earn your business, with our personal customer service and commitment to quality.