Are you protected from cargo theft?


Cargo theft is on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Thieves are using new methods to steal cargo, including identity theft, cyberattacks, and fake pickups. Cargo theft was up 9% with an average of 98.5 reported per month in 2023 according to an Overhaul report.1 And they project that the numbers will rise by the end of the year. This results in financial loss, supply chain disruptions, and stress for everyone involved.

63% of all thefts were recorded in two states:  California 48% and Texas 15%


Electronics accounted for 22% of total thefts


 $586,917 was the average loss value per incident.


Companies can attempt to protect themselves from cargo theft by following best practices.

  • Verify, verify, verify: Gone are the days of just checking in on pickup and delivery. It is important to verify the movement of the shipment at every stage and to secure it at any rest location. It is especially important to verify any party who is moving or storing a shipment.
  • Know highly active areas: There are pockets of locations that have a record of frequent theft activity. There are also intelligence reporting systems where you can learn about cargo theft patterns and proactively avoid those areas.
  • Real-time cargo visibility: Tracking technology for the cargo itself can enable you to maintain visibility the whole time. This can help you identify any suspicious movements or stops along the way.

It is important to work with logistics brokers who are reputable and carefully vet all their carriers and keep a close eye on your cargo. Our passion for delivering exceptional logistics services continues to be at our core, and is why we have thrived in this constantly changing industry. CONTACT US today to experience how we can improve your shipping efficiencies.


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