Allow Westgate to take the scheduling burdens of International Shipping away from your team. We regularly handle cross border shipments to/from Canada and Mexico, and can arrange ocean containers or air freight travel virtually anywhere in the world. Our expert partners allow us the ability to provide you all of the information and documentation that will be required prior to shipping so your freight doesn’t experience any unnecessary delays.

Why should you choose small companies?
Choosing to work with a small company, like ours, has more advantages than meets the eye…

We are more flexible, we also have the ability to adopt new and innovative ideas quickly and are usually more fast paced because we have fewer people to inform and train on new policies and technologies.

“We want to take that worry away from our customers,” says President Mark Fiorini. “Westgate gives location updates sent via email, a log in to view detailed freight coordinates, the ability to watch your freight’s real-time movement, and estimated arrival time. But the real value comes from the trustworthy team monitoring all of this.”